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Thanks love!!! We’ve actually had a couple of people link us to this page saying the same thing. They’re not saying where they got the info, so we’re proceeding with caution before we start spreading it all over the interwebs - BUT I’ve been told that they do have a good track record with these things. So it could be correct!! We’ll keep you posted as we learn more! 


YES HE IS!! It’s a hella cool opportunity for him because it’s actually a Kevin Smith film - and Posey’s said before that he’s a huge fan of his (which he should be) so we’re super excited for him!! If you wanna learn more about the movie, you can go here :D


Early reports were December, but I think it may be more like late November. Though the exact time hasn’t been confirmed yet. We’ll let you know when we have confirmation!! 


Oh it’s very possible for him to do both! And we got some information yesterday that suggests that’s exactly what will be happening. 

From the time this interview was conducted (I’m guessing Comic-Con weekend), Wes Ball said they were about nine weeks out from shooting The Scorch Trials. 

Which is falling right into line with our previous predictions. Scorch Trials could start filming mid to late September - through October into early November - Freeing up late November/December for Teen Wolf. 

Again, his schedule will be packed, but for the life of an up and coming actor - that’s kind of the dream. 


Yes, I believe you’re referring to this photo?! I know for certain that this was taken on the Mexico set. And I can’t imagine that Sprayberry would be there unless he would be filming as well!! Now I don’t know if he’ll show up in episode 4x11 or 4x12 but I do think he’ll be there at some point!! 


Sounds legit 


Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario Promotes ‘The Maze Runner’ in Florida (August, 27)
Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario Promotes ‘The Maze Runner’ in Florida (August, 27)

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The Maze Runner Screenings and/or Meet&Greet


September 3 -  Washington, DC: CONTEST

September 3 - Altamonte Springs, FL: CONTEST

September 3 - Tampa, FL: CONTEST 

September 3 - Mesa, AZ: CONTEST

September 3 - Davie, FL: CONTEST

September 8 - Birmingham, AL: CONTEST

September 8 - Live Oak, TX: CONTEST

September 8 - Raleigh, NC: CONTEST

September 8Tigard, OR: CONTEST

September 8 - Greenville: CONTEST

September 8 - Royal Palm Beach, FL: CONTEST

September 8 - New York, NY: CONTEST


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For our followers who might be interested in checking out some of the Maze Runner events coming up! :) 


Tyler Posey on set of his new movie Yoga Hosers (x)


ABC Family Exclusive Access to The Maze Runner (x)



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OK, does it bother anyone else that we're this close to the finale and we still don't even have a title? They're being super secretive and I am super scared. — littlelionstiles

No you AREN’T the only one who’s starting to get scared by this. I’ve been consistently looking for a good two weeks for the title of 4x12, and I haven’t found anything…

So I’ve been torturing myself by making up terrible finale titles to pass the time. For instance:

'Goodbye Alpha'
‘Peter rises again’
‘The funeral of Derek Hale’
'A demon wolf returns'

In conclusion, I suck.