any of my followers in louisiana want to get together and road trip it to houston con to see eaddy and mama mccall in august

^^ What Madison said! I, Courtney, will be coming from the Baton Rouge area and would love to see as many people attend this con as possible! (Also, I’m somewhat selfishly hoping this draws some Louisiana fans out of the woodwork, because hi. I’m lonely here.)

Preview of the TW SDCC booth in all its’ glory! (X)

(Thanks to Daunt for the photos!)

Possibility for Derek

So my heart is breaking for Derek, who is losing his werewolf powers and gradually turning into a normal human. But I get the uneasy feeling that when he does finally get to Kate, she’s going to be either unwilling to or unable to reverse what has happened to Derek (if Kate alone is the source at all). Like, what if what is happening to Derek is permanent, and there is no reversal? That fact has been solidifying in my head for a while. But then this morning a sudden thought came to my head. 

What if.

What if Derek did become fully human? Scott is an alpha. Scott would absolutely at least ask Derek if he would like the bite to turn him back into a werewolf. I feel he would ask Derek if he minded being Scott’s beta. And then I picture Derek just kind of smiling (because he’s smiling more!) and saying yes to the bite, to being Scott’s beta. And after the bite is given, Derek’s eyes are yellow, not blue, because he gets to start over. 

Derek doesn’t have to be constantly reminded of his painful past every time he looks at his eye color in the mirror.
He gets a job (because the Hale fortune is gone) to support himself, and earns a bit of self-worth.
He gets to be part of a pack again. A pack with an alpha he trusts and believes in more than anyone. A pack, a family, that he has steadily learned to trust and grow close to without realizing it. 

He never forgets his past, but this way it doesn’t have to eat away at his insides. He can breathe, he has a fresh start.

He can start over.

Teen Wolf Conventions! (A MasterPost)


With so many Teen Wolf conventions popping up this year (and next!), we thought it would be a good idea to start a big post with all of the current information we have on these events. We’ll be keeping this post updated and will reblog when new information is received. 

Also, you can visit our “TW Cons" tag to see other posts on these conventions!

As always, you guys can always visit our Teen Wolf Events page for more links to the websites and the conventions’ social media pages!

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7/23/2014 Update:

*Melissa Ponzio will be attending The Houston Con

When I first started (I started at the beginning of season 3), I was sitting in [the editing room] doing dailies or something and I hear giggling outside my door; and so I turned around and it’s Dylan and Tyler and, and they know that I’m new. And so they kinda trick me a little bit; and they are like “Oh, can we watch some dailies” or “can we watch this scene” or whatever (and the actors aren’t allowed to do that). I was like “oh I don’t know” and they were like “oh we do it all the time, it’s fine.” And I just started working there so I didn’t know, you know. And I’m like “all right”, and so I started like playing scenes for them, you know, and after the fact, I went to Gabe (Editor) and I was like “This just happened” and he’s like “No, never”. They got me, totally. They tricked me.

— Assistant Editor for Teen Wolf’s Betsy Thompson and her experiences with actors on set (x)



Solving a problem on the Hale way by simply slowly back away 

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